Unique Shower Screens are manufactures and suppliers of aluminium Shower Screens, Mirrors and Splash Backs. Established in 1995, with over 20 years experience, Unique Shower Screens will be sure to provide it’s customers with the highest quality standards and service in South Australia.

Enhance the beauty and value of your home with the smooth and elegant appearance of the new range of Unique Shower Screens enclosures.

Buy with confidence as we offer stylish and functional shower screens with both modern and traditional designs.

The simple fast to clean designs save hours of work. The robust construction guarantees years of trouble free operation. Each shower screen is individually designed to suit your bathroom.



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Head Office

4/22 Musgrave Avenue,

Welland SA 5007


Tel: (08) 8340 3611

Fax: (08) 8340 3622